clinical grade skin care

using higher concentrations of active ingredients for specific skin care needs

Clinical Grade Skin Care

What is it?

  • skin care products made with higher concentrations of active ingredients prescribed by a medical professional

How does it help?

  • products contain concentrated ingredients that target specific skin care needs
  • Able to reach deeper layers of skin for more significant results

What conditions does it treat?

  • fine lines/wrinkles
  • acne
  • discoloration
  • dryness

How it works:

Before and After

See the impact of using clinical Grade Skin Care products by dragging the arrows on the image left and right.

Are there potential risks or possible side effects?

  • Stinging, burning, and redness may occur.
  • rare cases of darkening/lightening of the skin, or small red dots on the skin have been reported.
  • allergic reactions are rare, but should be reported immediately.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Answers about clinical grade skin care products

Am I a good candidate for this treatment? / Will this treatment work for me?

We carry three full lines of clinical-grade skin care so that every skin need can be met.

I have darker skin – will this treatment work for me?

Absolutely! We offer skin care lines that work for every skin type and pigmentation.

How long will it take to see results?

Patients typically see noticeable results within 6 weeks of regular usage.

How often should I use the products?

Your provider will give you detailed application directions. Most products will be applied daily.

How long will the results last and are they permanent?

The duration of your skin care results is dependant on regular usage of your recommended products.

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