Megan Collins

Hair Stylist + Balayage Specialist

What I Do:

#1 Balayage, for sure!

Lived in, hand painted hair is my passion! I would say 95% of all of my clients get some form of hand painted highlights/lowlights. I also am a French haircutter, which compliments the balayage beautifully.

Growing up in a predominantly medical/business family, I knew that I wanted a career that would bring happiness, joy, and peace to whoever I had the privilege of spending time with. Being a hairdresser to me is so much more than just the end result. Although that is VERY important to me, I want the experience to be a safe space for whatever you need, whether that be laughter, or someone to confide in, or just a safe space to vent about the kids, I will be that for you! Having fantastic hair when you walk out the door is just a perk!

How I Got Started:

I always knew from a young age that I loved the fashion and beauty industry. I remember as a little girl sitting on a booster seat in the corner of the station watching my mom get her hair done, and I just remember thinking, “There are so many really pretty people in here and they make everyone else really pretty too!” As silly as that sounds, I know that experience instilled some of why I am so passionate about making people feel beautiful. There is nothing like seeing someone tear up in your mirror and tell you, “I have never felt this pretty before.” **Cue tears!** My heart is in this to make people feel wonderful, inside and out! I feel so blessed that I get to have a career that allows me to do that!

Salon 01
The Beauty Lounge

Sheridan High School
Kaye’s Beauty College

Certifications + Credentials:
Licensed Cosmetologist
Sunlights Balayage Certified
Sunlights French Cutting Certified
Natural Beaded Row Extensions Certified