Emface featured in Harper’s Bazaar

One of the treatments available here at Renova is Emface, and we are really excited about what it can do for our clients. The treatment was recently featured in Harper’s Bazaar – here’s a quick excerpt of the article, by Sable Yong:



I’ll admit it: I’m a person who thinks about her own face quite a bit. I like my face and I very much enjoy embellishing and optimizing it, as my ever-evolving billboard of self-expression and connection. As I’m now squarely in my mid-to-late 30s, I find myself thinking about my face in ways I never have before. Namely, how it’s changing with age.

My winged liner technique is suddenly no longer geometrically suited for my eye shape. I’ve become acquainted with the term (and presence of) “nasolabial folds,” those frowny valleys that extend from your nose to the corners of your mouth. It’s not visually alarming so much as it is a reminder of the passage of time, but it’s still something new to get used to. I’ve tried creams, I’ve tried gua sha, but I wondered, is there something beyond lotion and a jade roller I could be doing?

You can learn more about this breakthrough treatment here, and if you would like to read the whole article, here you go!