Tatiana Bido tried four different nonsurgical treatments-here’s what happened.

Emsella, one of the many technologies we use here at Renova, was recently featured in an article by Tatiana Bido for New Beauty.

Here’s a quick excerpt:


As an aesthetic editor who gets to research the latest cosmetic treatments, I’m in the unique position to be able to try today’s most effective technologies for tightening, toning and treating the body as soon as they hit the market. What I’ve learned from getting to test-drive various nonsurgical contouring treatments is that “perfecting” anything on my body in my 40s is a stretch.

I’ve also learned that these noninvasive options take patience and are good for treating small target areas of pinchable fat and for moderate tightening and toning, so having realistic expectations is key. Most noninvasive treatments require multiple sessions and continued maintenance to keep results longterm, but I’ve also found they’re very effective for taking care of small bothersome concerns.

To learn more about Emsella, check out our info page – and if you’d like to read the whole article, just click here!