You Are Not Alone: Urinary Incontinence Happens to 1 in 3 Women.

In a recent article for Women’s Health, Georgie Lane-Godfrey takes a candid look at incontinence and asks the question: Could urinary incontinence actually be easily cured? One of the non-surgical options explored is Emsella, a treatment we offer our clients here at Renova. Here’s an excerpt from the article:


So after the birth of my daughter left me with post-partum bladder prolapse, and, subsequently, urinary incontinence, I felt overwhelmingly alone. None of my friends with children had ever mentioned this being an issue, and yet here I was, having to dehydrate myself before leaving the house, always carrying spare underwear and changing soaked pads multiple times a day.

It was only when one friend came over with her baby to visit and went to the loo three times before heading home again that I began to wonder. Eventually, she confided that she also never travels anywhere without a completely empty bladder – the risk is just too high.

Look, we’ve been friends for over 10 years. We’ve shared countless secrets and frequently discussed our sex lives in detail. And yet, the shame surrounding urinary incontinence is so great, she didn’t feel she could tell me about this all-too-common problem.

In fact, it’s estimated that a staggering one in three women in the UK are affected by urinary incontinence. But the reality is that this figure could be even higher, since research shows that women are unlikely to report problems due to embarrassment.

For more information on how Emsella can help, click here – and if you would like to read the whole article, here it is!