Microdermabrasion vs. Dermaplaning

Microdermabrasion vs. Dermaplaning

As our we transition our wardrobes from summer sundresses to fall cardigans, our skin also needs a reboot. Professional exfoliation is the recommended way to rejuvenate your skin after all of the time in the sun, sand, and chlorine. Read on to understand which type of exfoliation is best for your skincare needs.

What is Exfoliation?

Your skin is continuously rejuvenating new skin cells while shedding dead skin cells. However, some of those cells cling to your skin’s surface or clog your pores, resulting in uneven skin tone and dry patches of skin. Exfoliation is the removal of the top layers of dead skin by applying a product to your skin or by using a physical tool. This process is especially important after summer when your skin has been exposed more frequently to the sun and other elements that are known to cause damage to your skin. From dermaplaning to microdermabrasion and more (including Hydrafacial and chemical peels), there is a specific exfoliation treatment that will meet your skincare needs and comfort level.

What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a minimally-invasive treatment that uses an applicator to exfoliate the outer layers of skin and suction away the dead skin cells on the surface, revealing your healthy, younger cells beneath. It is typically used to soften fine lines, wrinkles, discolorations, enlarged pores, blackheads, scarring, uneven skin tone / texture, melasma, and other mild skin concerns and conditions. A single treatment will leave your skin feeling more soft, smooth, and radiant, while a series of treatments will improve your skin’s texture and tone over time.

During a microdermabrasion treatment at Renova Aesthetics, you will experience a slight suctioning sensation as your esthetician glides the crystal-free DiamondTome wand over your skin. The unique wand’s tip is made from natural diamond chips to provide exfoliation, while simultaneously suctioning dead skin cells from your skin for an instantly smoother, brighter, and softer appearance. The wand’s strength can be adjusted for areas that are sensitive or need extra attention. Microdermabrasion is included in the Renova 90 Minute Facial, can be provided as a stand-alone treatment, and can be added to any service.

Microderms are recommended monthly for normal maintenance. One treatment will result in a brighter, glowing appearance, as well as smoother makeup application For more long-term results like tightening and lifting of the lower skin levels, a more concentrated series of treatments is necessary.

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning on the other hand, is slightly different. During a dermaplane session, your esthetician will glide a round-tipped, sterile blade (sometimes called a scalpel) at a 45° angle over the surface of your face and neck. This gently removes peach fuzz hairs, dead surface cells, built-up oil and dirt, and other debris on the skin that can cause breakouts and irritation.  (*Dermaplaning will NOT cause your hair to grow thicker or coarser. If you notice this happening, contact your PCP to investigate this further.)

During a dermaplaning session at Renova, you will feel a sensation much like using a razor – a cold, scraping sensation that sometimes tickles – as the blade is moved over your skin in slow, deliberate strokes. Dermaplaning uncovers smoother, younger skin while softening fine lines, wrinkles, and scars. Dermaplaning is included in the Renova 90 Minute Facial, can be provided as a stand-alone treatment, and can be added to any service.

One dermaplaning session will last around an hour, and your brighter appearance will last 3-6 weeks. As this treatment only treats the top layer of the skin, it is recommended to repeat a dermaplane very 4-6 weeks. Three or more consecutive sessions can stimulate new collagen growth and cell regeneration, giving your skin a smoother, more firm appearance.

Which is Best – Microdermabrasion or Dermaplaning?

Microdermabrasion and Dermaplaning are both non-invasive, chemical-free exfoliation procedures that uncover smoother, brighter skin with no downtime.
Bottom Line / TLDR :
  • Microdermabrasion uses a device to exfoliate the most superficial layer of skin and suction away dead skin cells. It does not remove hair, and will induce some redness. Microdermabrasion can be performed on your face, neck, chest, back, arms, hands and legs.
  • Dermaplaning is more in depth than microdermabrasion, removing most of the outer layer of skin (epidermis) as well as peach fuzz, with little to no redness following your treatment. Dermaplaning is commonly used on the face and neck, and occasionally arms.  
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Premium IV Drip Therapy in Carmel, IN

Premium IV Drip Therapy in Carmel, IN

Enhance your wellness instantly with IV Therapy from Renova Aesthetics!

Renova Aesthetic Spa & Salon in Carmel, IN offers a premium experience for IV Therapy, with nine distinct IV infusion blends of essential vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to achieve your desired results. From increasing your energy levels to boosting your immune system, Renova offers a premium experience as the leading provider of IV Vitamin Infusions in Carmel, IN.

What Is IV Therapy, IV Drip Therapy, and IV Vitamin Infusion?

Our IV Drips infuse a liter of fluids with essential vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and amino acids.

How Is IV Therapy Administered?

Our clients typically choose to receive their infusion while relaxing in a massage therapy chair or in the Salt Lounge while their bag drips over 45 minutes.

Many of our clients greatly benefit from the convenience of receiving IV Therapy in tandem with a facialEmSculpt treatment, or even during an appointment in the Renova Salon!

When Will I Feel Results from IV Drip Therapy?

With drip infusions, clients begin feeling the benefits immediately due to the instant uptake of the nutrients, which increases energy levels and decreases nutrient deficiencies.

Which IV Drip Is Best for My First Visit?

The Renova Team is experienced, compassionate, and welcoming. IV insertion is quick and painless with our tenured staff of registered nurses. The nursing staff is happy to guide your choice of IV Therapy based on your immediate needs or desired results. Renova has a large service menu of IV Therapy options including NAD+ Therapy and the Myers Briggs Formula.

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BBL Forever Bare – Laser Hair Reduction

BBL Forever Bare – Laser Hair Reduction

We all know that the process of shaving and/or waxing of body hair can be painful and time consuming. Our favorite solution for removing body hair is the Forever Bare BBL treatment. Here’s everything you need to know about the treatment, preparation, and follow-up care.

WHAT IS Forever Bare BBL?

Forever BARE BBL is a comfortable way to eliminate unwanted hairs. Also known as Laser Hair Reduction. Using Broadband technology (pulsed light therapy) to deliver photothermal energy to the hair follicle. The rapid short pulses of the energy causes the hair follicle to stop producing hair without harming the surrounding tissue.

Any area can be treated – Face, legs, arms, under arms, bikini area, chest, shoulders and back. Since not all hairs grow at the same time, multiple treatments are recommended in order to treat all three stages of growth: Anagen, catagen, and telogen. Typically we recommend 5 treatments to receive a 50% to 90% reduction.  These treatments are suggested to be 6 wks apart.

How Does It Feel?

During the treatment a clear gel is applied to the skin. The energy is delivered through a cool applicator so there is minimal discomfort. During the treatment you may experience a warm sensation in the treatment area. Mild redness may appear in the treated area but should dissipate shortly after treatment or by end of day, depending on your sensitivity.

More Information:

Treat time varies depending on the size of the area being treated but generally it takes less than 20 minutes. Numbing the treated area is usually not necessary as the BBL technology is very tolerable.

All waxing, tweezing and/or threading has to stop during the course for the laser hair treatments. Shaving, however, is allowed as it will not thicken the area.

Self tanners should also not be used during the course of treatments. BBL can detect melanin in the skin so you want to be at your fairest skin tone when you have treatment. (For dark skin tones we recommend a YAG laser) The best time to have Laser Hair Reduction treatments is over fall and winter, when any summer tan has faded. You’ll be bikini ready by spring!

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Experience the Glow from BBL (Broadband Light Treatment)

Experience the Glow from BBL (Broadband Light Treatment)

Imagine taking a photo a decade from now and looking better then than you do today! That’s what Forever Young BBL from Renova Aesthetics can do for your skin. From softening fine lines and wrinkles to lightening spots and discolorations, BBL is a treatment that gets better with time.


Sciton’s Broadband Light (BBL) is the most powerful IPL (intense pulse light) device that treats numerous skin conditions. Also called a Photofacial, this pulse light energy will heat the upper layers of the skin to help regenerate new skin cells. Allowing the skin to look more vibrant, clearer, smoother and younger!
BBL allows us to treat hyperpigmentation (sun spots, age spots, freckles, liver spots), small vessels, redness/flushing, acne, as well as hair reduction and stimulating new collagen cells for firmer skin.


Renova customers love BBL for restoring skin elasticity (Skin Tyte), laser hair reduction (Forever Bare), and treating and preventing acne (Forever Clear), one of the most popular treatments we offer here at Renova is our Forever Young BBL treatment. This particular treatment is a preventative regimen for any age. You will see immediate improvement for pigmented spots, broken blood vessels, fine lines, and overall tone and texture, as well as long-term tightening, lightening, and rejuvenation of the skin overall.


We recommend a series of 4 treatments about 4 weeks apart, then maintaining with a treatment every 3 months. Forever Young BBL is very tolerable and has minimal downtime.
Please schedule a complimentary consult at Renova Aesthetics to find out which BBL treatment is best for your skin care needs, as well as what time of year is best to begin treatment.
Your Questions about Facials Answered!

Your Questions about Facials Answered!

Renova Aesthetics Spa offers a variety of different facials to meet your skin care needs. But first, let’s answer some of the most common questions about facials.

What is a facial? 

A facial in its simplest terms is a multi-step treatment performed by a licensed esthetician to cleanse, exfoliate, extract, and hydrate the skin. To begin the appointment, one of our team members will provide a thorough skin examination to determine the best treatment for your skin, as well as any products we would recommend to you based on your skin type and concerns. The same high quality medical-grade skin care products that we use during facials (such as Epionce, PCA Skin, Revision Skincare and ZO) are available for purchase to continue your individualized treatment at home. 

Why do I need a facial?

Every day, our skin is exposed to harmful UV rays, toxins, and pollution which wreaks havoc on our natural skin barrier, leading to a variety of skin conditions. It is important to receive regular facial treatments every 4 to 6 weeks to help improve damage, skin tone, and texture.

What facials are available at Renova?

  • Renova 60- and 90-Minute Facials – Relaxing facials that include steam, double cleansing, toning, exfoliation, mask, massage, serums, moisturizer, and SPF. The massage techniques help stimulate blood flow and lymphatic drainage
  • Clarifying Teen Facial – Targets problematic skin by focusing on cleaning out pores and reducing surface oil through exfoliation, extractions, and a light peel
  • Dermaplane – Exfoliating procedure using a sterile blade at a 45 degree angle to remove dead skin cells, debris, and vellus hair (also known as “peach fuzz”) on your face, resulting in an immediate smoother texture
  • Microdermabrasion– Renew skin tone and texture with this procedure that uses a tip with natural diamond chips to over your skin and remove dirt, debris, and dead skin cells while suctioning away the dead skin
  • Hydrafacial – An innovative resurfacing treatment that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and antioxidant hydration all in one device. A Hydrafacial removes dead skin cells, unclogs the pores, and infuses your skin with serums to hydrate and treat skin concerns

There are many benefits that each of these facials provide for your skin. In addition to being  non-invasive, rejuvenating, and purifying, we offer a variety of facials to choose from that target your specific skin care needs, such as hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, acne, scarring, skin tone, texture, and enlarged pores. Enjoy all of our amenities as you wait, including a relaxing ambiance, dim lighting, soothing music, refreshing drinks, and comfortable spa chairs for your comfort.

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