Body Shaping & Contouring – How to Get Results

Body shaping and contouring can help reduce fat, tighten skin, and sculpt or shape targeted areas. Learn more about how to get results, along with other details about body shaping and contouring, with the following frequently asked questions.

What Is the Difference Between Body Contouring and Body Sculpting?

Body contouring and body sculpting typically refer to noninvasive or surgical procedures that involve reshaping parts of the body. These services are often done to eliminate fat in stubborn areas or tighten excess skin after weight loss.

What Is Body Contouring?

Body contouring refers to procedures that are done to get rid of excess fat or skin in a targeted area or reshape a particular area. Body contouring can be done to treat sagging skin, cellulite, and bumps or dimpling.

How Long Does Body Contouring Last?

Body contouring results can last up to 3 or 4 months following a final treatment session. Additional sessions each month or every 3 to 4 months might be needed to maintain these results.

What Are the Benefits of Body Contouring?

The benefits of body contouring include reducing excess fat cells and cellulite in specific areas for a slimmer or smoother appearance. Body contouring can also boost collagen production, improve blood circulation, and stimulate lymphatic drainage.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Body Sculpting?

The pros of body sculpting include the use of non-invasive procedures, no downtime or minimal downtime, and effective results. The cons of body sculpting include the need for multiple treatment sessions, potential side effects, and limited treatment areas.

What Does It Mean to Contour Your Body?

Contouring your body means reshaping certain areas in order to achieve desired results, such as tightening sagging skin or eliminating cellulite. Body contouring is not used for weight loss purposes.

How Is Body Contouring Done?

Body contouring can be done in different ways. Body contouring with EmSculpt involves the use of radio frequency and high-intensity electromagnetic energies to burn fat and tone muscle.

What Are the Side Effects of Body Contouring?

Body contouring is generally safe, but side effects may occur after treatment. These side effects might include skin that feels warm and flushed for an hour or two after treatment sessions.

Is Body Sculpting Surgical?

Body sculpting can be done using non-invasive procedures rather than invasive surgical procedures. Non-invasive procedures do not involve making any incisions for treatment.

What Is the Recovery Time for Body Sculpting?

Body sculpting has no downtime, so it’s possible to return to normal activities right after treatment.

What Types of Body Sculpting Services Are There?

Body sculpting can be done using lasers, infrared light, radio frequency, or cryolipolysis as non-invasive treatments. EmSculpt body sculpting service uses electromagnetic energy and radio frequency.

Does Body Sculpting Actually Work?

Body sculpting can work for individuals who are considered good candidates, such as those with pockets of cellulite or excess fat that exercise and diets don’t eliminate. Some individuals with certain conditions might not be good candidates for body sculpting.