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Purchase any lip filler (1+ syringe) and receive a complimentary lip enhancing product from PCA or Revision

PCA hyaluronic acid lip booster: An advanced lip product that instantly moisturizes while improving long-term lip volume, hydration, and softness.

Revision YouthFull Lip Replenisher: Visibly volumize and define. Hydrate and soothe. Defend against environmental stressors. Renews youthfulness with a scientifically advanced formula that targets the visible signs of lip aging.

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Kybella + Venus Legacy

Kybella + Venus Legacy

Kiss that Turkey Neck bye-bye! That’s right. Renova now is offering Kybella. Call for a consult with one of our master injectors to make your beauty goals a reality.

Kybella: Main ingredient is synthetic deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is a naturally occurring molecule in the body that aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat.

-When injected into the fat beneath the chin, KYBELLA® destroys fat cells, resulting in a noticeable reduction in fullness under the chin.

-Once destroyed, these cells can no longer store or accumulate fat, so further treatment is not expected once you reach your desired aesthetic goal.

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Instalift Makeover

Instalift Makeover

This client had a Silhouette Instalift, 4 Threads per side. Notice the softening of her cheeks, lip grooves, and elevated jowls. She also had her temples filled with Radiesse, Lyft to her midface, and lifted her brow with Dysport.

Thread Lifts do have some downtime (2-4 days) even though it is a non-surgical, in-office procedure that uses dissolving thread sutures applied deep inside the skin to reduce the appearance of aging to the mid-face or jawline.

If you are curious about this procedure give our office a call to schedule a consult with our team!